by The Winter Sounds

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Tristan Danceable and folk-laden, this gleefully embraces the new wave, post-punk era, while not feeling out of place amongst modern indie rock, with layered songwriting and a soulful vocal performance. Favorite track: Run From the Wicked.


released December 5, 2012



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The Winter Sounds Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville-based indie new wave dance folk and punk anthems.


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Track Name: The Sun Also Rises
I want to look you in the eyes and say everything is okay and if I can’t what good am I what am I gonna say? Cause what you need nobody has…You need a thing to know. When the world gets awful child we can let it go. When you were young you felt the same. We hardly knew how to explain that the sun also rises when you’re gone. I thought you knew it all along. I want to be so sure of life so I can let you in, so I can hold the autumn leaves without shivering. What if a body needs the dark and a heart the grave? What if our loved ones disappear? What are we gonna say?
Track Name: Devils
I think the greatest trick that they could have pulled is telling everyone how you hunt for their souls. There’s nothing else they really need to say. The heart closes up; the mind fears the living dark. I can hear it now through the trembling halls still echoing all those white little lies. Like I was told that you would come for me, when my hour’s up, breathing fire from your lungs. Sun, sun come around now. With two hands you mark the hour. I will scream out loud come around now. To you I am always bound.
Track Name: Run From the Wicked
In your mind hearts beat in vain. You run from the wicked, run from the wicked. In my mind I feel the same. We run from the wicked, run when the wicked come. Why slow down and why stop the beat? There’s a knife in the message we all twist together. Cause we don’t care what your silhouette says. We run from the wicked, run when the wicked come. Lifetime is a fog with yourself to blame. If I knew you had it all you wouldn’t want to take it away. All your lifetimes in a fog with yourself to blame
Track Name: Old Man Old Woman
Altogether counting up our years by chasing sunsets and wading through the daylight. All the lovers are burning up their beds. They hold together but vacant stares are waiting patiently. Long are the hours we put away for better days.. given to cobwebs waiting in shadows for their pay. It’s not your fault that I went away for a long long time. Come right behind me. Cry me oceans from your eyes. Start pretending that everything is fine and I’ll keep believing that every song you love is one of mine. I still remember the dreams we used to share. When you get better, I’ll be waiting by your side because... Do you feel a little sting in your brittle bones? Spending money never hurt like this when we were young. Making babies in the fall so they greet the summer sun when their eyes first open up they’ll be staring through us. Then they grow up and leave all of this behind with bigger bodies acting out what comes to mind. They’ve seen it go down in their parents daily grind. These new kids get older and then start to plan their own lives.
Track Name: Bird on Fire
To you, my dove, we won’t last long if all our friends abandon us. And I swear its hard to bear, so hard to see you leaving. Its quiet when you sleep. Tell me everything you need. What hurts the most my little bird? We did our best but it was always the higher you fly the longer you fall. Oh we’ve got a lot more songs to play till we both go down in flames. Save us tonight. We’ll curse the wreckage and erase all of our lives, all of our lies.
Track Name: Shoulders Above
This is our last chance. We’ve tried everything we could think of. Suddenly the chords ring out and we start to shout. So long ago the taste was ever sweeter when it was just beginning. Time is a crook that takes from heart until it breaks apart. You can hold on. I swear I don’t need anyone else. If I have you right here, it doesn’t matter how long the years. Tiny hands reach out for bigger ones.
Track Name: Young Love
You look my mother cradling my baby brother when I was so much younger. I look like my dad when he was thin and just another worker bee trying hard to feed a family. When all the walls are trembling, it feels better if you’re screaming. Lay down your head. The night will take over again. It’s too late for each of us so I leave here with my best intentions. All of those plans... All of those bad dreams you have... It’s too late for each of us. What we have is young love dear. And what they say about young love makes me fear. I want it to be real. Cause I know why they lead such long, sad lives. They’re waiting for their young loves to arrive. Just another audience trying hard to feel like they belong. All alone on this island, it feels better if you’re screaming.
Track Name: Don't Change At All
All you need, all you need to know is that I love you as long as we can make believe that your fair skin will color. Say what you want to to yourself. Say that you love no one else. Lay in the tall grass where you fell and don’t change at all. A swarm of bees leave the virgin queens to find out who is the sole provider. Just like me, my lungs still breathe. I hope I can reverse this arrow. All you need, all you need... Wait for it. What have I done? I led you into the light and your wings fell down and our whole world collapsed.
Track Name: Everything Wounded Comes Home to Die
No matter how we spin it, everything changes. Rivers will bend to let us in. Lost in logic patterns, life doesn’t matter. We’re not as important as we think. A turned over apple cart can reveal all of the reasons why the heart breaks down. No matter how we change it, everything wanders. You and I are racing to our graves to throw back our broken bodies, cover up with tall trees and shed our skin beneath the fallen leaves. If you feel like giving up I don’t blame you. I’ve been a wrecking ball all my life. I’d hoped to contain it but everything wounded comes home to die - soft like the firelight - strong like the atom bomb. I can’t stay here another hour. Who loves a nightmare? No matter how we wander, everyone seems as lost as they could be. But we know we need each other like I need my brothers to carry me and bury me in the ground.
Track Name: You Had a Bad Dream
Life through a broken window survives impossible to ignore. Our shadows were tied together and this smoldering fire threw its light onto the world around us - we saw - as fast as it could go, across the ether giving form. Then, in a dream, you were there and all the world is looking in. Our life is so beautiful and long. We had settled down, down, down but you were waiting for me there. Fade into black, never looking back. Our thoughts grow little wings of worry for the long way down. You are impossible to avoid. All that we worked for, we’ll soon be giving in. I am looking left when you’re right there. Time for a broken record to skip. In the moment it makes no sound, you awake from a distant slumber then suddenly glance for a hidden light. Ah, but our eyes adjust and we saw all we need to know. You were right beside me with your storms. Fade into black, never looking back. Our thoughts grew little wings of wonder for what comes next. You were impossible to avoid, no matter who we are, neither rich, nor poor, the broken-hearted, broken homes all cast alone.
Track Name: Robots Marching
I came with a plan. Why don’t you lift me up? I am on my own. Lift me up I am on my own. Lift me up, I am all alone. It feels like you’re everywhere but then you’re never there when I fall apart. You’re everywhere. Tell me who you are.
Track Name: Carousel
There’s no difference in the way we live but your ghostly white eyes still follow me. Transmissions from the past emerge in a single-file line. Can anyone see? There’s no difference in the way that we live. I’ll carry your ghost through the seasons so we can return to the shallow water along the ocean’s edge. Keep yourself alive long enough to make amends with God. Then bury the bomb in every letter that you type. Light up the sky like fireworks in a boundless summer. Carry the torch for something you and I both want. All we know is there will be oceans for us with cradling arms for long lost weary souls. And all we know is that we should hold each other like you and I are star-crossed lonely souls.